Тренинги по методике
для преподавателей английского

Cписок тем*

  • Classroom management techniques
  • Lesson planning: focus on form vs focus on meaning
  • Motivation in the classroom
  • How to teach with projects (examples and lesson planning)
  • How to teach with technology (examples and lesson planning)
  • Blended learning: what it is and what it isn't
  • Blended learning in TESOL
  • Course design for internet-based teaching (My First Preprint online)
  • Exam preparation (ЕГЭ and IELTS)
  • Beyond the course book: creating a learner-centered classroom.
  • My First Preprint Online: Product-Oriented Webinars in ESP
  • Observing EAP Teachers: Criteria and Procedures
  • Teaching with Technology: Online Extension to Your Brick-and-Mortar Classroom
  • Fishbowl: live teacher development
  • EGE Writing: Format and Tasks
  • EGE Speaking: Format and Tasks
  • Classroom Management in Teaching Language
  • Communicative Teaching: Setting Standards
  • Teaching via Skype

*также семинар может быть разработан под запрос

Teaching (Academic) Writing

This session aims at English language instructors who would like to broaden their teaching repertoire. We will start with a brief overview of approaches to teaching writing. This will be followed by lesson plans analysis. The second half of the seminar will introduce a demo class exploring some practical tools. The lesson will focus mainly on academic writing (which might include exam preparation, writing scholarly articles, abstracts etc), however, all the ideas are well applicable to general English classes.

Teacher training seminar: Teaching Listening through Prominence.

They say "Weighing a cow every day does not make it fatter". Or, if tailored to the needs of TESOL, "Testing your student does not make him/her a better listener". This session will shed light on methods of teaching Listening. Language instructors will be challenged by ridiculously simple questions such as "How can we develop listening skills?". Two major types of lesson plans will be offered: a traditional one (skeptical wink) and an alternative (with focus on prominence so much advocated by John Field).

Teaching Listening through Prominence

Традиционно навык слушания преподносится как триада: (1) упражнения на новую лексику; (2) одно или два прослушивания; (3) вопросы на понимание. При таком подходе ускользает работа над непосредственно навыком слушания: ученики подвергаются разностороннему тестированию, и иной раз просто угадывают ответы. Альтернативным методом является работа с ударными словами (prominent words). Они формируют основу предложения и помогают слушателю распознать смысловую нагрузку. Об этом и будет семинар.

Principled Blended Learning: Q&A

We will start with a brief overview of Blended Learning styles / approaches and will see how these can be incorporated into teaching on day-to-day basis. Participants will compare BL with traditional classroom-based teaching and will explore a few on-line tools. Finally, several BL frameworks will be offered with one or two lesson plans, depending on the time left.

Teach via Projects: Motivate, Facilitate, Control.

During the two-hour workshop we will explore the basics of a "free" project, a task when the teacher sets the frame and students fill it with content. As an example we will take a podcasting (voice-recording) project which has been tested on different groups of students. Participants should expect a short discussion of teaching methods and tools which enhance students' motivation, involvement and general progress. Some time will be spent on needs analysis, control/assessment techniques and teaching with technology tips. At the end of the session, a detailed action plan will be presented.

Beyond the course book: creating a learner-centered classroom.

A good deal of productive teaching (and learning) stems from successful classroom management. The session aims at practitioners who are willing to broaden their repertoire with learner-concerted activities. We will look at a few course book pages and discuss how the tasks could be adapted to learner needs. Depending on the seminar participants, we will have some input from the presenter (micro-teaching or demonstration) which will be followed with analysis and discussion.

My First Preprint Online: Product-Oriented Webinars in ESP

The aim of this session is to show mechanics of an online course which now is regularly offered at HSE Academic Writing Center. The talk will cover main aspects of course design: needs analysis, material selection and assessment. We will also discuss main issues which include platform selection, synchronous teaching and student attendance. Participants will be able to ask question at the end of the session.

Observing Teachers: Criteria and Procedures

Formal observation is not a frequently used tool for professional development in Russia. However, it has a very high potential in both teacher training and recruitment. The session aims at general observation stages which include pre-observation, observation itself and post-observation. We will discuss different types of observations and what procedures are likely to make them less subjective. A list of criteria for an EAP environment will be presented. Participants will be able to ask questions at the end of the workshop. The session will be of interest to both teachers trainers and recruiters.

Teaching with Technology: Online Extension to Your Brick-and-Mortar Classroom

The aim of this seminar is to equip language educators with a few tips about teaching with technology. During the session we will discuss the added value of online tools and how one can use them in a classroom. A few out-of-the-class examples will be given, which hopefully will continue with Q&A.

Fishbowl: live teacher development

This session aims to give participants a few ideas about learner-centeredness and learner-centered activities. Even further, it will draw attention to lesson planning and classroom management. Trainees will observe a real 45-minute lesson taught to teenagers and will take notes about what they see. After the lesson is over and the students leave the room, participants will discuss their observations in group and with the trainer.

Lesson scope: vocabulary or reading.

EGE Writing: Format and Tasks

This session aims at EGE writing part. We will briefly look at the exam criteria, analyze a few student samples and talk about teaching strategies. Should weaker students bother about grammar? How can you get an extra point or two? Are complex lexical constructions absolutely necessary for success? We will have time to discover.

Classroom Management in Teaching Language

The session targets different aspects of classroom management. These include seating arrangements, ways of grouping learners, eye contact, task clarification and instructions. In fact, they can give your students more than perfect pronunciation or flawless use of English. A few video clips from prominent educators will be used to set the standard and / or start a discussion. "It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it"

Communicative Teaching: Setting Standards

This session aims to demonstrate what communicative teaching might look like. First, we will look at different aspects of effective teaching. Then participants will compare and contrast 2 lessons (recorded in Russia and China). This will be followed by a brief discussion and Q&A section.

Teaching via Skype

This session brings participants to the world of online teaching. It starts with a brief overview of Skype teaching and then proceeds to a 30-minute online lesson. This fishbowl observation is naturally followed with a guided discussion.